Magic the Gathering Codes of Conduct

Normally around $10... but last year my friend gifted me a pair of Snapcaster Mage, so I felt the need to complete the set. That's probably the most I'll ever drop on a card. from stormstouthideout

I agree!

I blew $22 for a Planeswalker once. Will not do again. Usually if I'm being serious, I'll buy one or two $10 cards if I really need them for my deck. from onlyhitsuzen

Yeah I have a hard time justifying anything that costs more than ten bucks. Usually I’ll wait till all the hype for a set dies down and then buy singles if I need them, but I love opening booster packs because of the anticipation. 

The most I'm willing to pay for any one single is $300 from darkjester79

Jesus. I’ll only ever spend like $10 at most for myself. If it’s a gift to someone else though, I’m willing to raise the bar. I got my man all the Mirrodin swords (you know, feast and famine, fire and ice, etc.) for his birthday one year and that cost me like $100. 

So I left most of my spoils at my boyfriend’s house, but I did get a zombified drawing of Walter White from Breaking Bad and I got Zombie Bath Salts. I wasn’t able to snag anything MTG because 

1.) I was too busy fangirling over Walking Dead stuff

2.) All the MTG stuff was either limited or too expensive

3.) Most of the MTG stuff I could get just from going to the local card shop.

But… I at least had you guys in mind. :) And I posted the question last night just before they were about to show Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. 

Not a single bought all my cards yesterday from darkjester79

I blew all my money at the comic con. Lol. Now there’s no prize money for the second and third place.

Lol jk there totally is. I’m not that reckless with my money.