Magic the Gathering Codes of Conduct

I prefer group play because I'm able to see multiple scenarios but if I'm training for a tourney I focus on one on one mostly like right now I'm getting geared up for the prerelease of Journey into Nyx from darkjester79

That’s a good strategy. :) I love group play the best, but I also like one-on-one occasionally because I’m not indecisive as who to attack. It’s hard picking your battles sometimes, but if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s don’t piss off the Gruul player haha. 

I prefer both. When one-on-one starts getting boring my friends and I usually go two-headed giant or free-for-all. Have yet to try playing Commander/EDH though. from onlyhitsuzen

Ever since I got into EDH, it’s hard to just go one-on-one. Sometimes, I’ll vs my man, but most of our decks are too unfair one-on-one and were designed for group play (like his Bant deck with Rafiq as his general, and my Bruna enchantment deck). 

On your recent consolation prizes post-YES. You're the best. Side note-has it been decided yet how a tiebreaker would work if necessary? :P from tumblingthroughthepeasants

Lol I don’t know yet, but I was thinking of something along the lines of having the competitors answer a really thoughtful question and whoever puts the most thought into it wins, but I might come up with something else in the meantime and I’m sorry but I’ve been laughing at this gif for like 10 minutes and I felt it was important that I share it with my followers.

So since I am incompetent with Microsoft Excel and 2 Point Questions (don’t worry it’s fixed now) here’s an updated list of the top competitors as of 2:19 AM April 15th

Tied for first are 




with 16 points (good job guys)

Then second place is talmandorverha with 15 points.

And we have five people tied for third with 13 points





and Insainityofcaan

April 14th: I'm 'just' looking at it from a local point of view, where there isn't any real pokémon community. But, compared to the yu-gi-oh community over here, I'd say the reputation of magic players is far better, which probably has to do with the average age of the players. from lotus-of-shadow

Yeah, the only bad thing I really hear about MTG players is that they smell bad, but it’s just one of those things where the few mess it up for everyone else. All it takes is one or two people with bad hygiene to stink up the whole shop lol. 

We are a very diverse bunch as a community but I must we tend to show better morals and maturity due to the ages of most players from darkjester79

I do agree the majority of us are mature, but I do have to laugh when someone rage quits during a pre-release and storms off in their car away from the tourney lol. 

The reputation of the MtG community? I'd like to think that since MtG is more dynamic than the other two, our community is much more diverse (even to the point of divisive) as the other communities. from onlyhitsuzen

Yeah I left the Yugioh scene when I was like… 9 I think? And I only collected Pokemon cards. Never played competitively with them since no one knew how to play the damn game when we were little. (Even now I think the mechanics and wording in MTG cards makes a lot more sense than the other two lol) I’m not sure what either community is like now, exactly, but I do have to say that I feel very welcomed as a woman to the mtg community. It’s great because no one babies me or acts like I don’t know how to play the game, and I’ve never had anyone go easy on me. And more than a few times, I wasn’t the only girly at the tourney. :) That’s probably what I like most about the community - it’s very welcoming and always has been for me. (However the employee at the card shop I used to go to tried to show me how to open a booster pack when I’d done it plenty of times before, but you can’t base the whole off the few!)